FindMyAdventure, a Karachi based travel platform, has raised $600,000 in a pre-series A round from a local Pakistani and expatriate consortium. Due to the pandemic when plenty of companies were facing crisis financially, FindMyAdventure’s business gained an astounding response. In a statement issued, they said: “The team worked around the clock to develop contingency plans and became one of the first companies to expand into digital tourism and experiences within Pakistan.” In 2016, FindMyAdventure was founded by four enthusiastic individuals, who were ardent about traveling, and created this online platform to provide travel experiences to the end-users. The company has now broadened to rentals, luxury tourism, and digital tourism experiences. Founder and CEO, Komail Naqvi, expressed in a statement: “The faith which expatriate angels have shown in Pakistani tourism and us, is what has brought FMA here. Without their support, and the dedication of our team, the business would not have survived this hit.” It is admissible to mention that FindMyAdventure presently has over 300 online/offline travel operators on its platform and claims to serve over 30,000 customers across the country. FindMyAdventure has also been proclaimed as one of the only travel aggregators in Pakistan to prioritize on travelers’ safety. The company provided safety kits and ensured that its partners implement all applicable SOPs after domestic travel was resumed. According to a statement released by FindMyAdventure, sales have escalated since the services were resumed. The Chairman of Board of Directors at FindMyAdventure, Muhammad Ovais Yousuf, commented, “In early March 2020, we were faced with a difficult choice, either to challenge ourselves, be confident in the country and our team’s resilience or to take an easy route of winding down. We certainly took the right decision. I am very excited to see the progress that FMA has achieved in digitization, team building, and product development and truly believe that it’s just the beginning, not only for us at FMA, but the start-up scene in the country as a whole.” The startup also intends to announce around 100,000 jobs in the country by 2022. The company has recently launched Panache Stays, an online service that facilitates people to book luxury residences in Northern regions of the country. The comfortable homes come with spectacular sceneries and top-of-the-line amenities, as exclaimed by the FindMyAdventure.

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Source and Image Credit: MENAbytes


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