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A plastic surgeon and famous TikTok star, Dr. Daniel Aronov has been banned from conducting any reconstructive surgery in Australia. The famous TikTok doctor, Dr. Daniel Aronov has accumulated more than 13 million followers on TikTok for his parodies, dances, and academic content concerning doctoring. 


Famous TikTok Doctor Barred from Practicing Medicine 


Moreover, the videos also contained some of the details of his procedures and hence was barred from performing all kinds of corrective surgery and directed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to get rid of his posts on social media platforms, in line with The Herald.


Furthermore, the TikTok account of the famous TikTok doctor has disappeared two weeks ago, in action with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Four Corners” fact-finding series. Dr. Daniel Aronov’s Instagram account and his OnlyFans page have also been taken down, the order is to take down the accounts where the doctor had over 500,000 followers. 


AHPRA Took Down All Surgical Content from Social Media


This resulted in AHPRA removing all material on social media platforms associated with corrective and operational methods of the famous TikTok doctor. The AHPRA operates with 15 of Australia’s national committees to control the country’s enrolled health practitioners. One of its roles is to handle charges and problems raised regarding medicine practitioners, states its website.


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The ban on the famous TikTok doctor follows disputation encompassing the owner of the Melbourne clinic Aronov operated at, run by Dr. Daniel Lanzer. A joint inquiry documentary in October led by the Australian publications reported allegations of medical wrongdoing, with several patients saying botched plastic surgeries left them with pain or asking for additional procedures.


Dr. Daniel Aronov Resigned from His Post


In addition to this, famous TikTok doctor Aronov informed ‘A Current Affair’ in a news segment on November 24 he had resigned from his job and taken some time off. ‘A Current Affair’ published that through an attorney, he stated, “It would be inappropriate for me to discuss any matters that are presently the topic of any AHPRA inquiry.”


Source: Insider 


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