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Facebook never fails to amaze its users. To add more to the story Facebook has developed a new prototype device. The device seems like a wristband in appearance.

The prototype device is designed in a manner that it can be operated via the human brain, it allows users to control the computer through the translation of motor signals coming from the brain into the digital object.

The device looks like an iPod attached with a band, consisting of various sensors, use to detect human intentions. It uses electromyography (EMG) for interpreting signals from the motor nerves as they send information from the brain to the hand.

Facebook defines the amazing feature of its device by telling, that the device will navigate between augmented-reality menus, even when the user thinks about scrolling it with the finger. To sum it up the device will perform actions upon human thinking only, no gestures are required.

The development is all ready to set a benchmark in the Augmented Reality space as it overcomes the non-user-friendly feature previously seen in the invention of  Google Glass and Snap Spectacles having the same functionality.

Augmented Reality is overcoming many barriers in terms of invention, after the iconic version of it called ‘Pokemon Go’ to now utilizing brain signals it has never fail to amaze people.

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The device is said to be in the testing phase currently, at the internal Facebook Reality Labs. However, it is to be noticed that the development of this device started soon after Facebook acquired a startup called ‘CTRL-labs’ in September 2019 for around nearly $1 billion. The device was initially under the management of CTRL and its head Thomas Reardon who is now said to be the Director of Neuromotor Interfaces at Facebook Reality Labs.

At a press preview, Reardon said the device was “not mind control.” He added, “This is coming from the part of the brain that controls motor information, not thought.”

The glass of the prototype device is said to act actively to immediate surroundings—walking past your favorite coffee shop might trigger the glasses to ask if you want to place an order. Facebook mentions introducing wearables such as haptic gloves by the end of this year.

In addition to this Facebook Founder, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has personally invested a lot in augmented and virtual reality as he believes in making the world more accessible by designing the device in a manner that it can access countless valuable data points easily.

Image Source: Techjuice 


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