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Tech giant, Meta is now testing live chat support for people, including creators, who have been locked out of their accounts. The testing of live chat support, currently available in the US, targets those who cannot access their accounts due to unusual activity or whose accounts have been suspended due to a violation of community guidelines.

For Now the Live Chat Support is Only for English-Speaking Users 

“On the Facebook App specifically, we’ve started testing support for some English-speaking users globally, including creators,” the corporation declared in a statement late on Friday. This will be the first time Facebook has suggested live help for people locked out of their accounts. The social media platform has also started a small test to provide support through live chat for English-speaking creators in the US who do not already have an appointed relationship manager from Meta to help with queries they might have about Facebook or Instagram. 

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The Latest Support from Facebook Can Help Users Solve Several Issues 

“Creators can access a dedicated creator support site when logged in through Facebook. There, they can chat live with a support agent for help on various issues ranging from the status of a pay-out to questions about a new feature like Reels,” the social networking site stated. Meta added that it is including more controls to help people manage the discussion around their content like blocking a user and new accounts they create and improving how they conceal unwanted comments on their posts.

“With the hide action now available next to each comment, you can quickly hide comments with one click and easily view all hidden comments in a single place by changing the comment filter view on your posts,” Meta informed. For keyword blocking, you can now automatically conceal comments with variations of words that employ numbers, symbols, or different spellings.

Source: The Verge 


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