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Facebook is now launching a new AR Group Effects feature on Facebook Messenger video calls and rooms. Group Effects bring new AR filters and effects that can be applied to all members on a call, at the same time. These AR Group Effects feature will be rolled out soon to Instagram, Facebook says.

Facebook Messenger AR Group Effects Also Include Multiplayer Gaming Experiences

Moreover, the company states that AR Group Effects work for everyone on video calls and they also include multiplayer gaming experiences to play around with. Facebook Messenger is adding over 70 Group Effects, to start with.

The latest AR Group Effects feature for Facebook Messenger video calls and Messenger Rooms is launching for all users across the globe. It may take a while for all users to receive it. To check if it has been enabled for you, go to the Facebook Messenger app and begin a video call or create a room. Once that is started, click on the smiley face and open the effects tray. Look for an AR Group Effects option and select it to see all the available options to apply to all the members in the video call.

Using the latest feature, Facebook Messenger will allow users to choose from a library of over 70 Group Effects that range from games where they can compete to build a hamburger, race to a cute orange fox, and others.

The Video Calls Effects Feature Also Has a Blow the Dandelion Effect 

The social media company already offers AR effects for creating Stories and Reels and has now added these capacities in video calls and rooms as well. AR Group Effects include a new Blow the Dandelion effect created by Ross Wakefield that offers a grassy beard for all participants on the video call.

Facebook Also Launched a Cross-App Group Communication Feature

In addition to this, Facebook Messenger and Instagram got new features such as cross-app group communication, new group typing indicators, and polls on Instagram DMs (direct messages). The cross-app group chats feature enables people to begin group chats between their Instagram and Messenger contacts, while with the group typing indicators users can see when multiple people are typing.

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Source: TechCrunch


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