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In the recent news, Meta has announced a new version of its Privacy Center, which it claims can be used to learn about how it gathers and employs data and deduce how to navigate the various privacy and security controls available. It states that the present version of the privacy options will have categories entailing security, sharing, collection, data use, and ads.

The New Privacy Center is Currently Available to Some Users Using Facebook on Desktop 

While it appears like good privacy options to have around, it does feel more like Meta is placing the onus on users to make sure its apps work for them. Meta states that this version of the Privacy Center is currently available to “some people using Facebook on desktop” but that it “will roll it out to more people and apps in the coming months.” 

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According to the blog post, there will be five varieties for guides and controls that let you control your security settings, who your posts are shared with, how Meta gathers and uses your info, and what your advertising profile and selections are.

Facebook Educates Users About the Latest Privacy Options to Users

However, Facebook’s priority for education really places the duty for the systems it creates onto the user. If the security or privacy options aren’t what most users would want or expect, Meta will be able to say, “Well, we did give you the tools to learn about them.” 

According to Meta, if you’ve got the new Privacy Center, you’ll be able to access it in Settings > Privacy, but Meta says it’ll “add more ways to access it in places where you may have privacy concerns.” It further says it’ll continue to add more modules and controls to Privacy Center as required.

Source: The Verge 


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