Second-most Crypto-Ready City

The United Arab Emirates is all set to take the lead in building the world’s first-ever Bitcoin tower, which will be built in the shape of Bitcoin. The developer invites artists, architects, creatives, and crypto enthusiasts to contribute their works to the project. These creations will become a part of an exclusive NFT collection dedicated to the Bitcoin Tower’s design and interior spaces.

Who Envisioned the World’s First-ever Bitcoin Tower?

An Italian developer unveiled the sign of the world’s first-ever Bitcoin tower, saying that he his vision for the hotel does not fall under the traditional idea of hospitality. The developer will incorporate various technologies and sustainable materials to build the tower. In terms of environmental safety, they will also be offering a commitment to zero CO2 emissions in building the tower.

The 40-story marvel will be built in Dubai, whose rental price will be the payment and an investment opportunity. Guests will effectively stake cryptocurrency, generating an annual percentage yield (APY) that they can claim; the hotel will also be offering its guests exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as rewards. Salvatore Liggiero claimed the hotel would be the first of its kind and would give back the money. This concept aims to educate the general public about cryptocurrencies and encourage active participation in the digital economy.

Tribute to the Bitcoin Creator

The Bitcoin tower will be a tribute to the cryptocurrency and its mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Moreover, a report claims that the developer intends to showcase Dubai’s efforts to bridge the gap between digital and physical assets. The Bitcoin Tower will have both a physical version to be built in Dubai and a virtual version to be launched in the metaverse.

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