Pakistan sent its fifth batch of essential relief supplies to the beleaguered Gaza Strip in a demonstration of unwavering solidarity on Sunday. The dispatch of the fifth batch of humanitarian aid to Gaza, facilitated by a special Pakistan Air Force (PAF) flight from Noor Khan Air Base, is a continuous commitment to supporting the Palestinians during their challenging times.

Fifth Batch of Humanitarian Aid to Gaza Takes Flight

The latest shipment, transported via a PAF C-130, includes critical provisions such as warm tents, tarpaulins, blankets, surgical and medical supplies, dry food items, and hygiene kits tailored to meet the immediate needs on the ground in Gaza, this effort is part of Pakistan’s ongoing commitment to providing humanitarian aid to the people affected by the conflict in the region.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Ministry of External Affairs, and armed forces officials gathered at Noor Khan Air Base to mark the departure of this crucial relief mission. The supplies are destined for Al Arish, Egypt, where the Pakistani ambassador will take charge before the aid is transported to its final destination within Gaza.

The Continued Commitment

The recent dispatch marks the culmination of a series of aid shipments, totaling 230 tons, sent by Pakistan in five flights. Moving forward, the country is already preparing a sixth batch of relief supplies scheduled to depart from Karachi on February 6. The forthcoming shipment, weighing 100 tons, highlights Pakistan’s dedication to standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Gaza in their time of need.

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