The holy month of Ramzan is a time long-anticipated and cherished by many. To help people observe the second Ramzan safely during the unprecedented Covid times, Careem is launching new services and features focused on making everyday life simpler, besides exploring and highlighting the stories of Pakistanis who are making a difference.

Re-introducing the Ramzan Ride

Adding to the spirit of generosity and doing good, Careem is re-introducing the ride type called “Ramzan” where customers will be able to donate PKR 20 in addition to the fare for every ride taken.

Pre-Iftar Order

To help families have warm and delicious food on the table right at iftar, Careem is adding the option to pre-order iftar meals from a wide range of cuisines to suit everyone’s taste. The app will also display an array of discounts on the ongoing offers, services, and savings for iftar meals.

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Prayer Feature

Careem is bringing back its popular prayer feature which provides easy access to prayer times that are updated based on a customer’s location right on the app’s main screen. Customers can also set reminders to get notified at prayer times.

Donate your Rewards Points

Careem is leading a shift in how people think about donations by using technology to act as an enabler, virtually allowing a seamless mechanism for donations while maintaining social distancing standards and ensuring contactless engagement.

All Customers will have the option to donate their rewards points to these partners.

Eidi for Captains

Truly rejoicing in the spirit of this holy month, Careem will be giving ‘Eidi bonus’ to its CaptainsCareem also urges customers to generously tip their Captains on all rides, as well as food and delivery orders this Ramzan.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Mudassir Sheikha, CEO and Co-Founder of Careem, said, “Not only is Ramzan a month embraced by communities all over the world, but it’s also an exceptional one for Careem as it was the month in which we were founded, making it extra special for the Careem family. As we reflect on how fortunate we’ve been, we are inspired to do even more to fulfill our purpose of simplifying and improving people’s lives.”

The Careem app is available on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play, or via direct Android download.


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