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The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has rolled out an android app for identifying and reporting accidents, hazardous incidents, mishaps, and safety concerns observed during air travel directly to the authority, as announced by the authority on Thursday. The mobile app called the “Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting System”, is available on the Google Play store.

Android App, Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting System Will Help Travelers to Voice their Concerns 

As per the official statement published by Civil Aviation Authority, the android app, Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting System includes a wide range of reporting areas, including hazard, incident, accident, damage, insufficiency, negligence, failure, and assistance. “The aim of the Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting System is to provide an easy, user-friendly [and] adequate platform/resources to the general public and aviation stakeholders for proactive/reactive identification and reporting of hazards/incidents and safety issues directly to the Civil Aviation Authority,” the statement says.

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Furthermore, the android app of Civil Aviation Authority, Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting System can be utilized to report any accident or incident that may jeopardize the safety of an aircraft and its services, and operations at airports. “The person reporting [the hazard or the incident] may also upload files, pictures, etc., along with [a] narrative in the support of his/her report as evidence,” the statement explains, stating that the revelation of identification of the reporter or informer will be voluntary.

The Civil Aviation Authority is Working to Enhance Aviation Performance and Quality 

In addition to this, the android app, Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting System is part of efforts by the authority’s director-general “to invite general public/air passengers/ aviation stakeholders to become part of the aviation [sector’s] safety culture”, it adds. “[The] PCAA firmly believes [that] aviation safety is everyone’s responsibility and always gives due importance to aviation safety-related issues and remains continuously engaged to enhance aviation performance and quality,” the statement says. 

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