BMW launched four bikes in Pakistan. The launch will serve as a game-changer for the Pakistani auto industry and financial sector.

BMW launched four bikes in Pakistan at the Dewan Motors showroom located in Islamabad. BMW Motorrad, the German automaker’s division that deals with the production, marketing, and sales of its motorbikes, showcased four motorbikes of different categories at the Dewan Motors showroom. The head of the economic section of France Embassay, Dominique Simon, was also present at the event.

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BMW launched four bikes in Pakistan of different variants 

BMW’s interest in Pakistan’s motorcycle market indicates a huge potential for the market itself. Here are all the details regarding the BMW’s newly launched motorbike variants in Pakistan;

R-18 Cruiser

BMW Motorbike in Pakistan
R-18 Cruiser
Price Rs. 8,238,750
Engine 1802cc
Maximum Power 91 hp @ 4,750 rpm
Torque 116 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm


850 GS

BMW Motorbike in Pakistan
850 GS
Price Rs. 5,118,750
Engine 853cc
Maximum Power 90 horsepower @ 8000 rpm.
Torque 63 ft-lbs @ 6250 rpm


1250 GSA

BMW Motorbike in Pakistan
1250 GSA
Price Rs. 7,411,000
Engine 1254 cc
Maximum Power 136 horsepower @ 7750 rpm
Torque 105 ft-lbs @ 6250 rpm


K-1600 GT

BMW Motorbike in Pakistan
 K-1600 GT
Price Rs. 8,970,000
Engine 1649 cc
Maximum Power 160 horsepower @ 7750 rpm
Torque 129 ft-lbs @ 5250 rpm.


Pakistan’s motorbike industry

Pakistan’s motorbike industry witnessed an increased sale of 1.32 percent during the first two months of the financial year (2021-22) as compared to the corresponding period of last year. According to Pakistan automobile Manufacturing Association, as many as 294,802 motorbikes and three-wheelers were sold in July-August (2021-22) against the sale of 290,948 units in July-August (2020-21), showing growth of 1.32 percent.

The sale of Honda motorcycles went up from 179,003 units to 200,039 units

The sale of Suzuki motorcycles rose by  2,730 units to 5,703 units.

The sale of Yamaha motorbikes also went up from 2,596 units to 3,985 units.

The demand for two-wheelers has significantly increased during the pandemic. People are rushing to buy or renew their two-wheelers as they prefer to commute using their vehicles to avoid the risk of contagion in crowded public transport during the coronavirus pandemic. Comparatively, online platform sales have shown definitive growth as people avoided going out.

Source: Pro Pakistani 


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