Bankers protest in huge number outside the State Bank of Pakistan's head office, demanding a reduction in working days.

As per the government orders, SBP issued a noticed increasing the working days and hours for all banks. As soon as the news broke, the banking fraternity came out in support of each other and announced to stage a peaceful protest in front of SBP. Today, after Friday prayers, a huge number of bankers protested outside the State Bank of Pakistan demanding a reduction in working days.

Bankers record their protest in front of SBP

Social media has become a revolutionary medium for most of the people where several people get overnight fame, others come out to speak for the rights and pinpoint the wrongdoings of society. The same happened in this case, when SBP announced the increased working days and hours for all banks it spiked a social war amongst bankers and the state. The banking community took to Twitter to trend the hashtag #بینک_ٹائمنگ_نامنظور which became a top trend within no time.

At around 2 PM, the bankers started gathering around the SBP’s head office, located at I.I Chunrigarh Road’s, bearing slogans of unacceptable bank timings. The protestors were seen chanting; “Haftay ki chutti bahal karo” which means to restore Saturday’s holiday. Other slogans read; “Bankers Lives Matter” and “No to Six Days Working”

Equal Rights for Bankers

While some protests against the extended working days and hours, others demanded equal rights and salary increment from the federal government. It is pertinent to mention here that SBP has increased the working days and hours of all commercial banks, development finance institutions and microfinance banks.

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