Tech giant, Amazon has now announced the launch of CodeWhisperer, a GitHub-like AI pair programming tool that facilitates users to autocomplete entire operations based on only a remark or a few keystrokes. Amazon has trained the AI pair programming tool, which presently supports Java, JavaScript, and Python computer languages, on billions of lines of publicly available open-source code and its own codebase.


Amazon is Testing the New AI Pair Programming Tool with a Limited Number of Developers


Furthermore, Vasi Philomin, Amazon’s VP, who is in charge of its AI services, stated, “I think the technology is at a point where we thought it was the right time to do it,” Philomin said. “And it fits nicely with the other pieces that they have. It’s been a journey and we’ve just done different parts at different times.” The company has been testing the new AI pair programming tool with only a limited number of developers. 


The company further informed that the new AI pair programming tool constantly examines the code and analyses and even takes specific coding styles and variable names into account. Moreover, every time CodeWhisperer generates code that is close to an existing snippet in its training data, it will note that and highlight the license of that original function. It’s then up to the developer to decide whether to use it or not. 


CodeWhisperer is Programed to Scan the Code for Possible Security Threats


Another point that Philomin discussed about the new AI pair programming tool is security, CodeWhisperer will scan the code for possible security concerns. “Security is always important in AWS and so we want to make sure that the code we generate is secure,” Philomin said. “Now obviously we’ve generated the code and the developer can change it — and so CodeWhisperer has the capability to say: run a scan on the current source file. It will … scan and … tell you any issues and security vulnerabilities either in the generated or the changed code.”


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