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In the recent news, Lahore-based agri-supply chain startup, Jiye Technologies has successfully raised $2.5 million in its pre-seed funding round, as the farm-to-retail startup launches expansion across the major cities in Pakistan.

The pre-seed funding round was participated by Pakistan’s Sarmayacar, UAE-based Access Bridge Ventures and Jabbar Internet Group, UK-based EquiTie, and Swiss VC firm Seedstars. The round was further joined by angel investors from MENAP (Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan), Europe, and North America. Following the pre-seed funding round, the agri-supply chain startup, Jiye Technologies intends to expand its presence in cities other than Lahore where it is based, followed by international expansion. 

Agri-Supply Chain Startup ‘Jiye Technologies’ Aims to Digitize the Agri-Sector in Pakistan 

The agri-supply chain startup, Jiye Technologies was established by Ali Amin. Ahmad Bilal and Osama Salman, Jiye Technologies intends to digitize the agri-sector in Pakistan by providing farmers’ easier access to major markets and suitable sourcing to vendors by devising a lean supply chain space. Jiye Technologies enables fruit and vegetable vendors to order directly from the Jiye app. The corporation then transports the order to these retailers from its warehouse. 

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Ali Amin, the co-founder of Jiye Technologies, who also belongs to a family of agri marketplace traders, said, “We’re driven by impact; we like to bring positive change in categories which impact the masses in Pakistan, hence, we chose to fix a phenomenon that touches almost 70% of the country’s population.”

Jiye Technologies Intends to Enhance Local farming Supply Chain

Issa Aghabi, managing partner at Access Bridge Ventures commented on raising pre-seed funding, “Jiye Technologies, with its experienced team, is looking to disrupt the local farming supply chain by creating better processes and efficiencies while catering to the needs of its stakeholders. This marks our seventh investment this year and our first in Pakistan. We have been extremely bullish about the Pakistani market and truly excited to be part of the journey ahead.” 

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