A specially-abled foodpanda rider was pictured by a local citizen while riding a customized bike with his son and delivering food to customers after midnight. The picture went viral on social media and the rider was heavily lauded for his remarkable efforts and struggles to earn Rizq-e-halal for him and his family; nevertheless, this rider has made the country proud.


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According to the person, who captured this moment said, “I saw this foodpanda Delivery Guy, who was apparently differently-abled with his son, at around 3 AM. The sole reason to post this picture is to show ‘Support and Appreciation’ to him and all the others like him who are working tirelessly without any excuse and earning their halal Income unlike all those who beg on streets.” 


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The creator of the viral post further mentioned, “If the CEO or any representative of foodpanda is reading the post, Sir, it’s a request from all of us to pay a little more in terms of wages and bonuses and be a bit easy on them if they make any mistakes.”


Furthermore, foodpanda is also praised for taking great steps to support differently-abled by providing them with opportunities to earn. In addition, on social media people are requesting those customers who are receiving the orders from such hard-working riders should also pay a little bit more tip to them in order to boost their morale for working hard.



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