One of the largest depositories in India, Central Depository Services (CDSL), said that it has detected malware in some of its computers.

The allure of technology often captivates young minds with its interactive games and endless possibilities. However, not all youngsters use it innocently, as demonstrated in a shocking incident involving an 8-year-old boy from the Netherlands. Unbeknownst to his mother, the child started exploring the depths of the Dark Web, where he made dangerous purchases, including an AK-47. This dangerous incident of a young boy buying an AK-47 from the dark web throws light on the potential risks that lurk on the internet, especially when young minds venture into uncharted territories without proper guidance.

8-Year-Old’s Online Journey to Buy AK-47 from Dark Web

Barbara Gemen, a woman working as a ‘human resources expert,’ discovered that her young son had been immersing himself in the online world from an early age. With time, he developed an interest in hacking and began engaging in small-scale online activities like hacking websites and ordering items without paying for them. Unaware of the dangerous path her son was treading, Barbara initially dismissed these actions as harmless childhood curiosity.

As the young boy’s online habits grew more concerning, he allegedly started interacting with malevolent individuals through video games, assisting them with illicit money transactions. Employing coded phrases to evade suspicion from his parents, the child made his forays into the Dark Web even more covert. This ominous descent reached an alarming peak when the 8-year-old managed to acquire a real AK-47 through the dark web, employing intricate measures to ensure the weapon’s delivery without detection.

A Mother’s Determination for Cybersecurity

Barbara’s world was turned upside down when the illegal weapon arrived at her doorstep. Realizing the gravity of the situation, she promptly contacted the authorities and handed over the AK-47. While no legal action was taken against the child, Barbara understood the urgency of safeguarding her son from the perils of unchecked technology.

Motivated by this unsettling event, Barbara decided to start a journey of self-education about cybersecurity. Equipped with knowledge and awareness, she wishes to shield her son from the potential dangers that technology can expose him to. By becoming proactive in understanding online risks and implementing appropriate safeguards, she hopes to steer her child away from the darker corners of the internet and ensure his digital activities remain safe and constructive.

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