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Games of all kinds, be it video games, card games, team games, or physical sports, are a great way to spend your leisure time, enjoy with your friends, and have fun. Most of us start playing games early in our lives, when we get introduced to video games or when we play subtle games in our classroom. And from a very young age to till we are old, we don’t stop playing games.


Games have many benefits with the biggest benefit being that they allow you to avoid boredom and have fun. Apart from helping you avoid boredom, games offer different physical and mental benefits for your health such as they make you more active, energetic, focused, and productive. If you are wondering about the title of this article and thinking why are games good for our wellness, then these points below might help you:

1. Improve Our Mood

Games are known to improve our mood. No matter how difficult the times may be, playing games be it a team sport like Football or Cricket or a video game will always make you feel better. Have you ever noticed how happy and joyful young children are when they are playing their favorite games? Playing games is an enjoyable activity that causes the release of the happy neurotransmitter, Dopamine which improves your mood and makes you feel good.

2. Increase Our Attention Span

Since all games require your full attention, they are known to increase your attention span. Some people have a hard time focusing on something, after staying focused for a few minutes, they zone out and lose their focus. Losing your focus in the office can be detrimental to your career. When you play games, your attention span starts to increase even though you don’t focus. With improved focus and attention, you can pay more ahead to important things in work or class and be more productive.

3. Improved Workplace Satisfaction

Working on something for hours can be a stressful thing to do. No breaks or casual games in between calls for a very dull and stressful job. Most people who enjoy their workplace are the ones who take minor breaks during work and play their favorite casual games like Words With Friends whereas, people who don’t take minor breaks are the ones who get tired easily and are usually stressed out because of doing the same thing on their desks over and over again.


Simply taking a few minutes out of your work time and incorporating that time for gaming can help you achieve satisfaction at your workplace and make you more productive. If you are not convinced about this, you can try this yourself.

4. Allow For Social Bonding

Games are also a way to build social relationships and increase social interaction. There are only a handful of games that are single-player, most of the games including physical sports and video games are multiplayer nowadays. While playing games, you have to communicate with players on your own team and also with players on the team. It increases your social interactions and allows you to build social relationships with other people.


Socially introverted people who have a hard time interacting with people or making friends benefit the most from playing games since they get the chance to meet new people on the playing field.

5. Boost Creativity

Games can also boost your creativity, especially video games. While playing video games, you are required to be highly creative to bypass obstacles that are standing in your way and preventing you from moving to the next level. Playing such games forces us to be creative, think outside the box, and come up with solutions to solve the problem at hand. These are highly valuable skills in all fields of life and simply by playing games, you can get better at these skills. Tools like Scrabble Word Finder can also boost your creativity for playing word games.

6. Provide A Feeling Of Achievement

What happens when you win a game or finish a difficult stage that you were stuck in for quite a while? You obviously feel good and feel like you have achieved something special in your life. Although it might not be that special, the feeling of winning a game makes you feel good. When things aren’t going right for you, you can boost your self-esteem and make yourself feel good.

7. Improve Our Decision-Making Skills

Games also improve your decision-making skills. When playing sports like Cricket or an online video game like COD, you are required to make quick decisions. Whether right or wrong, you have to make decisions. As you play games, you learn the importance of making the right decisions by taking everything into consideration. This can help you become a better decision maker and it is a skill that you will certainly need in your future life because at different stages of life, you will have to make decisions.


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