is set to reintroduce the feature of showing headlines in preview cards with URLs on the platform.

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has undertaken a huge transformation in its appearance, especially for users following news and media outlets. In a move initially reported by media outlets in August, X has started the process of removing headlines and snippets from links shared on its platform. This change, which was directly inspired by website owner Elon Musk, aims to enhance the platform’s aesthetics and streamline the user experience. However, it has also sparked debates and concerns about the impact on content visibility and advertising.

X Removing Headlines to Improve User Experience

The alterations to posts on X are particularly noticeable for users who engage with news articles and publications. When sharing links on the platform, X no longer displays full headlines and snippets alongside the shared link. Instead, on iOS, users primarily see the article’s image overlaid with its URL. The web version retains a truncated headline and a brief article snippet.

One of the driving forces behind X’s decision to modify the format of posted links is the pursuit of a more streamlined and compact user experience. By removing headlines and snippets, X aims to fit more posts within the limited space available on users’ screens.

Elon Musk’s Vision for X’s Evolution

Elon Musk, the prominent figure behind this change, has also expressed the belief that this adjustment could help reduce clickbait, a common tactic used by some content creators to attract attention through sensational headlines. However, it is essential to note that beyond aesthetics, Musk has been advocating for more long-form content directly on X, which raises questions about the broader motivations behind this format shift and its potential impact on content creation and distribution.

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