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In the recent news, Twitter has announced that it’s starting to test a ‘CC’ button that will allow users to turn video captions on or off. The new CC button feature is rolling out to some iOS users and will be coming to Android users soon, Twitter notes. A video posted on social media shows that the CC button for video captions will appear in the top-right corner of a video that has captions available.


CC Button Will Make Videos More Accessible for Hard-of-Hearing Users 


“Video captions or no captions, it’s now easier to choose for some of you on iOS, and soon on Android,” the company said in a tweet. “On videos that have captions available, we’re testing the option to turn captions off/on with a new ‘CC’ button.” Twitter launched auto-generated video captions last December to make videos more accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing users. Auto captions are available on the web, iOS, and Android in more than 30 languages.


Furthermore, the recent announcement of the CC button for video captions 

comes as Twitter recently launched enhanced alt text accessibility features worldwide. Images with alt text will now contain an “ALT” badge in the corner of the image. When you hover over the badge, you’ll see the user-generated image description.


Twitter Users Will Soon be Able to Set a Status on Their Profile and Tweets


Twitter has been testing multiple features over the past few months. Most recently, the company has been spotted working on a feature that would enable users to set a status on their profiles and tweets. It appears that users would not only have the option to set a profile-level status but also be able to set a status for a specific tweet. It’s currently unknown if users would only be able to select pre-set statuses or if they would have the option to develop custom ones.


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