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US Embassy Public Affairs Minister Counsellor Ray Castillo and Joint Secretary Muhammad Mureed Rahimoon of the National Heritage and Cultural Division launched a tech lab ‘Maker Lab’ within the Lincoln Reading Lounge at the National Library of Pakistan.


A New American Space in Pakistan: Maker Lab 


The newly inaugurated area in the National Library of Pakistan will operate like a tech lab that will equip young Pakistani inventors, entrepreneurs, and educators with the most advanced technology and support to encourage innovation. Maker Lab is established by the US Embassy in Islamabad in collaboration with the National Library of Pakistan, the latest Maker Lab is one of the numerous tech labs in the 19 American Spaces in Pakistan.


Pakistani Innovators Can Solve Real-World Problems 


In addition to this, American Spaces such as Maker Lab in Pakistan conduct Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) programs that concentrate on educating 21st-century technology like 3D design and printing, robotics, coding, and virtual reality. By learning about technology and acquiring new skills, Pakistani innovators can come up with solutions to several real-world problems. STEAM programs further enable participants to study the latest US innovations in the area of science and technology.


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The New Tech Lab Will be a Substantial Resource for Young Leaders


Minister Counsellor Castillo said: “The Maker Lab at the Lincoln Reading Lounge of the National Library of Pakistan will be a substantial resource for young leaders seeking to hone their tech skills while deepening their relationship with the United States.” Maker Lab staff will conduct workshops on the application of 3D printers, 3D scanners, basic robotics, virtual reality headsets, coding, and circuits at the National Library of Pakistan. All exercises and programs of the Maker Lab are free of charge and open to the public.


Source: Mashable 


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