Employers now have a platform through which they can gain information on the candidates they are about to hire. This development is implemented by the results of the efforts made by the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) and Safe Pakistan Welfare Trust to launch Tasdeeq, an application that enables one to verify and run background checks on workers before getting them on board.

In a post shared on LinkedIn, Commissioner Federal Board of Revenue and Co-founder Safe Pakistan Welfare Trust Muhammad Janjua announced that the Tasdeeq app is finally going live and can now be accessed by the industrial and commercial businesses.

In the short video attached with the post, SSP Capt (R) Faisal Chachar explains that big and small corporations can use Tasdeeq to not only register thousands of workers but also run background checks on them to determine if they have a criminal record in mere minutes.

As per the report Chachar, the business community will search the service incredibly beneficial in terms of securing itself against malicious individuals thereby enabling itself to thrive and make unhindered progress.

Here is how you can use Tasdeeq to get free police verification of your corporate workers in four easy steps:

1). Go to the website: www.tasdeeq.org

2). Click on “Register your Corporate/Business Workers Registration & Police Verification”

3). Sign up and create a new account

4). Upload a CSV file as per the given format

Just like that in an easy way, you will be able to obtain the thorough background information necessary to make an informed decision on hiring a corporate job applicant.

Source: TechJuice

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