A private bank in Peshawar was robbed this Sunday, with the cybercriminals hacking an ATM to steal a large sum of Rs. 3.3 million.

As per the police’s statement, the hackers used a laptop and skimming device to hack the automated teller machine (ATM). They reportedly spent more than an hour in the ATM to withdraw an amount of Rs. 3.34 million without any difficulty.

“They successfully fled after skimming an ATM at a Peshawar bank,” the police said.
After further investigation, the security guard posted at the ATM was, according to the bank manager, was sound asleep through the entire incident and was unaware of the crisis being taking place. As a result, the security guard has also found himself being investigated, along with the criminals involved.

The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has launched an investigation to retrieve the stolen money. The Authority has, in the past, unearthed many grand larcenies along with the people involved. A recent case that took place in Rawalpindi was also solved by the FIA when police received several complaints of illegal transfers taking place of varying sums of money from consumer bank accounts. In the end, the FIA caught five criminals in total; two of them were government employees.

The police are still working towards catching the culprits and anyone associated in the case of this robbery case but the FIA, as well as the local authorities, are working closely with the bank branch to retrieve the enormous amount of money at the earliest possibility.

Source: TechJuice

Image Source: Forbes

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