RINSTRA and Walee

Islamabad, PK – 09 February 2021 –   RINSTRA, Pakistan’s first short-form digital media platform signed a partnership with WALEE, Pakistan’s first AI-driven, largest and fastest influencer marketing and social commerce platform, to engage and train 400,000 new content creators and generate a creative economy of PKR 4.8 billion.  The partnership will provide entrepreneurship opportunities, training and content-generation competitions to upskill creators across Pakistan’s digital media ecosystem .  

RINSTRA is Pakistan’s first short-form digital media platform for on-demand streaming and for creation of original user-generated content on iRINSTRA. RINSTRA provides entrepreneurship opportunities to emerging and established content creators and filmmakers in Pakistan and access to a wider community across the globe.  

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A US$ 150 million creative economy to be generated in the next 5 years by harnessing the creative expressions and digital skills of the young in Pakistanis. 


Walee, powered by Techlets Pvt. Ltd. is Pakistan’s fastest growing influencer marketing and social commerce platform with more than 50,000 users across 250 cities.  In a mutually beneficial collaboration for all stakeholders, RINSTRA will work with Walee’s growing content creators for digital storytelling and help enable them to monetize their work.  


Dr. Adil Akhtar, Chairman and Co-founder of RINSTRA Technologies, said, “we are excited to partner with Walee on this new innovative endeavor which will set a new precedence for the creative economy in the country.  We are confident this partnership will encourage Pakistani artists to express their creativity and digital storytelling, and create new dimensions of entrepreneurship that do not exist in Pakistan.  We aim to enable all Pakistani talent across the globe through creative arts, regardless of their location.” 


Ahsan Tahir, Founder and CEO of Walee and Techlets said, “COVID lockdowns drove record high digital content consumption with Pakistan’s overall internet traffic increasing by twenty five percent.  With mobile-accessible users crossing a hundred million this year, we must grow our digital creative community to benefit from growing global audiences.  With RINSTRA, we can help promote and showcase our creative talent while monetizing their work.  By boosting new and growing income sources from the arts, we aim to contribute further to Pakistan’s  digital economy.” 


For the collaboration, RINSTRA will engage content creators in multiple thematic video competitions to drive innovative, entertaining and educational monetized content, while creating a cultural force that will lead to jobs of tomorrow. 


Amir Jahangir, Co-founder and CEO of RINSTRA said, “Pakistan’s creative industry is about to witness an unprecedented opportunity, not limited to metros and urban Pakistan but cover the peri-urban and the interiors.  Young content creators will benefit from digital transformation of the content economy.  We aim to enable each content creator to earn a minimum average of 1,000 Rupees per month, which translates to more than Rs. 4.8 billion annually in a new creative economy, or 150 million dollars to be generated in the next 5 years.”  

Techlets Pvt. Ltd. is a data science company delivering cutting-edge AI-driven software and big data solutions using the latest technology and design-thinking principles to diverse sectors including retail, education, communications, industry, telecom and NGOs globally.  Being an innovative Digital and financial inclusion solution, Walee was part of Google Accelerator 2020 cohort and has received assistance by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation via Karandaaz, Amazon, USAID for SMEA and IGNITE (National Technology Fund, MoITT, Pakistan). 

RINSTRA is the gateway for Pakistani content and talent to the local and international media markets and digital platforms.  Rising stars on iRINSTRA are promoted on the main RINSTRA platform that will open-up global opportunities for the artists.  RINSTRA’s state-of-the-art platform offers content creators to discover, create, showcase and monetize their content creation and creative pursuits. 


Rinstra Technologies is registered in Pakistan as a limited liability company under the companies ordinance 2017 of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The leadership and management of RINSTRA represent key media professionals in Pakistan, Middle East, Europe and North America.  RINSTRA was conceived and incubated by DICE CAM (Creative Art & Media) Platform of DICE Foundation.


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