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In the recent news, Pakistan recorded $829.977 million export earnings by delivering various IT services in different nations during the first four months of the financial year 2021-22. This exhibits an increase of 39.24 percent when compared to $596.090 million made through the provision of IT services during the affiliated period of the fiscal year 2020-21, according to the PBS report. 

Export Earnings of Software Consultancy Services Witnessed a Surge of 47.95%

During July-October (2021-22), the export of IT services rose by 39.01 percent as it surged from $467.690 million last fiscal year to $650.117 million this year. Among the IT services, the exports of software consultancy services witnessed an increase of 47.95 percent in the export earnings, from $156.256 million to $231.178 million while the exports of hardware consultancy assistance further increased by 353.54 percent, from $0.198 million to $0.898 million. 

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The export and import of IT software-related services also rose by 45.21 percent, from $115.330 million to $167.475 million whereas the exports of repair and maintenance services surged to $0.404 million from $0.179 million. Meanwhile, the export of information services during the period under review grew by 53.51 percent by going up from $1.140 million to $1.750 million.

Exports of News Agency Services Grew by 107.60 Percent

Among the IT services, the exports of news agency services increased by 107.60 percent, from $0.579 million to $1.202 million export earnings whereas the exports of other information services however witnessed a decrease of 2.32 percent, from $0.561 million to $0.548 million.

The exports of telecommunication services also witnessed an increase of 39.96 percent as these went up from $127.260 million to 178.110 million during the year under review, the data revealed. Among the telecommunication services, the export of call center services increased by 36.01 percent during the period as its exports increased from $43.599 million to $59.299 million.

Source: Pak Observer


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