Pakistan is ushering in a new era of diabetes management with the introduction of Diabot, an AI-driven diabetes assistant. Diabot is poised to transform the way people in Pakistan approach diabetes care by providing a wide range of services, from diabetes status identification to personalized medication reminders.

Diabot Comprehensive Diabetes Support

Diabot is an integral component of the “Discovering Diabetes” Project, a groundbreaking initiative that has engaged with over 300,000 individuals since its inception in 2021. With Diabot’s AI-powered assistance, the project aims to reach millions of undiagnosed diabetics, providing them with valuable tools to effectively manage their condition. The chatbot can assess a person’s diabetes status, schedule appointments with diabetologists, and offer personalized guidance on maintaining healthy blood sugar levels through diet management and physical exercise. It acts as a reliable companion on the journey towards better diabetes control.

Project Lead Syed Jamshed Ahmed highlighted the importance of Diabot’s features, including medication reminders, dietary advice, lifestyle tips, and medication information. The integration of Diabot with the “Discovering Diabetes” helpline (0800-66766) ensures that anyone seeking assistance related to diabetes is connected with this AI-driven tool. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the project can efficiently handle the high volume of calls it receives and provide timely and accurate information to callers.

Better tomorrow

The forward-looking vision of the “Discovering Diabetes” Project includes plans for further enhancing Diabot’s capabilities. Future phases involve the establishment of advisory boards, expanding Diabot’s knowledge base, and creating additional resources for diabetes management. Notably, the project has partnered with Dr. Essa Lab to offer subsidized lab tests for diabetic patients, addressing the accessibility of healthcare services. This collaboration underscores the commitment to improving the overall well-being of individuals dealing with diabetes.

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