Twitter users began reporting broken links and image issues with the pictures showing a blank solid grey or brown color in place of the image and links being treated to an error message

Pakistan has expressed its concerns over the news coming from Indian and international media that the Indian government had attempted to infiltrate Twitter’s Security System by forcing it to employ an Indian agent or representative. A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reads; “Pakistan deplores India’s brazen abuse of state-power and strong-arm tactics to manipulate and force-regulate the Internet sphere. These actions are not only against international standards, obligations, norms, and framework of the flow of information but also reflect the alarming pace of shrinking space for pluralistic voices and curbing of fundamental freedoms in India.”

India’s Manipulative Tactics to Infiltrate Twitter’s Security System

The issue of infiltration of Twitter’s security system came to light during the company’s briefing to India’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information and Technology where legal depositions made in the US by a former Twitter employee were also discussed. It was noted that a large number of Twitter handles especially those belonging to Kashmiri political leaders and media persons, continue to remain blocked.

The statement from the foreign office said; “Regrettably, a large number of Twitter handles particularly those belonging to Kashmiri political leaders and media persons, continue to remain blocked due to India’s frivolous legal objections. Only last month, Pakistan also registered its strong protest with the Indian government over the blocking of access to the content of several Twitter handles of Pakistan’s diplomatic Missions as well as the national broadcaster Radio Pakistan.”

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Pakistan Demands Immediate Action

The foreign ministry of Pakistan also called upon India to immediately reverse the blockage of Twitter accounts of Pakistan’s diplomatic missions and Radio Pakistan, to adhere to the established international norms and standards of freedom of expression as espoused by the United Nations, and desist from employing subterfuges to control the global Internet domain.


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