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Microsoft’s revamped internet browser has now beaten Safari to become the second most-used desktop browser in the world. This development was spotted on Statcounterwhich reveals the global market share for popular internet browsers. The statistics for March 2022 indicate that Microsoft Edge now retains 9.65% of the global browser market share, which is barely ahead of Safari’s 9.57%.

Microsoft Becomes the Second Most-Used Desktop Browser After Google Chrome  

Microsoft’s victory over Apple may not be a fleeting one as Edge was expected to take over Safari as the second most-used desktop browser since February 2022. Safari’s loss of users and Edge’s gain has gradually gotten to a point where the latter has finally taken over. Google Chrome still harbors a massive lead with a staggering 67.26% market share.

This shows that Google Chrome is still the undisputed king of internet browsers and will not be beaten anytime soon. The other two names in the top 5 list include Firefox and Opera. Mozilla Firefox presently holds 7.57% of the entire market share while Opera only has a meager 2.83%.

On Other Devices Safari Jumps Back to Second Spot 

Furthermore, the statistics report also shows that the above figures are only for desktops and laptops. If you switch to smartphones, tablets, or other platforms, Safari jumps back to the second spot with an 18.85% share, while Edge drops to 4.05%. Microsoft’s victory of Edge becoming the second most-used desktop browser likely has to do with the browser becoming a more advanced platform over the years or Windows 11 forcing people to use it for system-related links, or maybe it’s a mix of the two.

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