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Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is now launching new features for creators that are designed to make it easier to share visual content on the social network. The rollout marks LinkedIn’s latest effort toward building out a platform for creating visual content and courting creators. In the coming weeks, creators on LinkedIn will be able to add a clickable link directly onto their images and videos to drive traffic to their websites or other resources, regardless of whether they’re on or off LinkedIn. 


Creators Can Use the New visual content Features to Link Their Newsletters 


Moreover, the company notes that creators can use the new feature for visual content to link to their most recent newsletters or their personal websites. You can add a clickable link by tapping the “Add a link” icon after creating a new post on mobile with an image or video. The company is also launching a new Templates feature that is designed to help creators ensure that their text posts will stand out in users’ feeds. 


The Templates are designed to give text posts a pop of color to make them more visually pleasing and eye-catching for viewers. Creators will be able to access the new Templates in the coming weeks by going to the share box or tapping “Post” on mobile and then selecting “Use a template.” From there, you can choose from numerous customizable backgrounds and fonts, add your own text and hit “Share.” You can even add a clickable link to templates.


LinkedIn Now Also Allows Users to Mix Images and Videos 


In addition, LinkedIn has started rolling out “Carousels,” which is a new content format that allows you to mix images and videos when presenting information to your followers in a swipe able format. LinkedIn says users will start seeing carousels in their Feed today. The company plans to tweak the feature and release it more widely later this year. The launch of the new feature of visual content comes as LinkedIn says it’s seen a 20% increase year over year in people adding visual content in their posts.


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