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The KP government under the laws of its education division reforms is rolling out a new school monitoring system, Tablet-in-a-School Program for the schools in the KP province.

The New School Monitoring System Will Control Wrong Postings

Moreover, a senior executive of the Elementary and Secondary Education Department (E&SED) on Sunday stated that the KP government is attempting to manage the wrong postings and every teacher will have to coach on his actual post for which a new school monitoring system, Tablet-in-a-School Program is being launched in the system.

Furthermore, the official stated the enrollment of the out-of-school children, a double shift program has been initiated. In the first phase of the program, 3,000 children have been registered in 120 schools while more than 400 additional schools have been chosen for the second phase and later the number of such schools would be reached to 1000.

The KP Government Has Also Launched the School Bags Act

The current KP government has also launched the School Bags Act to rid children of the burden of heavy bags. Students Facilitation Centres have also been inaugurated at all Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) of the province wherein the students are provided all facilities under the roof of the same building.

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He also said that along with the new school monitoring system, Tablet-in-a-School Program, e-transfer policy has also been introduced to guarantee merit and transparency in transfers and postings and now all transfers and postings are being made online. The KP government is also launching Smart Schools’ Education Program in the public sector schools and for this purpose memorandums of understanding (MoUs) have been signed with Coded Minds and HOPE organizations.

More Than 3500 Schools Are Running Under Girls Community Schools

In addition to the new school monitoring system, Tablet-in-a-School Program, as many as 3,500 schools are further operating under Girls Community Schools wherein, more than one lac students have been registered with 80 percent girl students and 99 percent women teachers. Furthermore, for ensuring quality education in schools, the services of 3,000 school leaders will be acquired, out of which 2,500 leaders would be appointed in BPS-16 and 190 in BPS-17 respectively.

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