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The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) has now decided to boost the scope of the Crime Analytics and Smart Policing in Pakistan (CASPP) project. According to IT Ministry, the Crime Analytics and Smart Policing project of digitizing police stations and FIR systems has accomplished great success as 524,030 convicts’ records have been digitized so far and 184 police stations have been automated in regional capitals.


CASPP’s Complaint Management System Registers Complaints Digitally


Under the Crime Analytics and Smart Policing project, a digital complaint system has been introduced called “Complaint Management System” under which 895,899 complaints have been registered by citizens so far. In addition, 169,377 FIRs have been entered in these provincial capitals. Further, a web application known as the hotel eye has been developed to log check-ins/check-outs at hotels. It saves the personal data of the visitor including CNIC and other mandatory details. 


In case some one of criminal record checks in, the Crime Analytics and Smart Policing system facilitates the police by sending a notification for prompt action as it is integrated with Nadra, PSRMS, and CRO. A total of 3,368,732 guest entries have been recorded in the provincial capitals. The monitoring of tenants has also been initiated, digitizing 260,128 tenant records in Karachi and Police Khidmat Markaz centers have been established as a confidence-building measure between police and the public.


IT Ministry Will Soon Rollout the Crime Analytics and Smart Policing Initiative in Other Cities Also 


According to MoITT officials, with these great improvements within the Police Departments, a great response has been received from the public and the MoITT is looking to increase the scope of the Crime Analytics and Smart Policing initiative in other cities across Pakistan. Integration of other limbs of the Criminal Justice System, such as Prisons, Prosecution, Judiciary, and Probation and Parole Service is also planned to make the system fully integrated.


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