Internet Explorer gravestone goes viral in South Korea

A South Korean software engineer, For Jung Ki-young, bid farewell to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in an astounding manner as it was recently discontinued by the tech giant after 27 years. To mark the browser’s “death”, an Internet Explorer gravestone marked with its signature “e” logo was set up on the rooftop of a cafe in South Korea’s southern city of Gyeongju by the software engineer.

Internet Explorer gravestone worth 330 dollars

During an interview with an international media outlet, Jung said the memorial showed his mixed feelings for the older software, which had played such a big part in his working life. He further added; “It (Internet Explorer Browser) was a pain in the ass, but I would call it a love-hate relationship because Explorer itself once dominated an era.” For Jung spent a month and 430,000 won ($330) designing and ordering a headstone with an IE logo and the inscription which reads; “He was a good tool to download other browsers.”

the software engineer mentioned that it took him longer to make sure his websites and online apps worked with Explorer than with other browsers. But, his customers kept asking him to make sure their websites looked good in Explorer, which remained the default browser in South Korean government offices and many banks for years. Internet Explorer was one of the world’s leading browsers for more than a decade as it came bundled with Microsoft’s Windows operating system on billions of computers.

Twitterati reacts to the unique tribute

Here are some of the best reactions to Jung’s unique tribute to the ex-browser:


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