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A new Instagram feature, Edit Grid, might allow users to arrange their grid in a non-chronological manner on the social media platform. The Edit Grid feature has apparently been leaked by a known tipster on Twitter, Alessandro Paluzzi.

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The edit Grid feature could be a game-changer

According to a tweet by a tipster, Instagram is working on a feature that will let users arrange their profile grid in any order they like. The edit grid feature will allow users to set their favorite post at the top of their profile, which is arranged in chronological order. In the tweet below, the tipster has shared a screenshot of the feature.

An Instagram ‘edit grid’ feature would allow users to rearrange their grid according to any occasion or event. This could mean moving more professional-looking pictures to the top of your profile while job hunting, or curating a seasonal look at different times of the year, such as at Halloween or Christmas. Although there’s no word on whether this will ever be rolled out, it does seem likely that Instagram will try things out in the coming months.

Instagram new stories design feature

A new report suggests that the popular social media app could be bringing vertically scrolling stories, similar to how the app’s Reels works. The feature could replace the current stories layout which scrolls horizontally with new stories appearing on the right side. Additionally, Instagram has now been offering to share Instagram stories to Facebook for a while. But, a new feature lets you check the views on both from the same spot if you choose to do that.

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