Instagram launched Profile Embed feature to let you embed a miniature version of your Instagram profile on a website.

Instagram is rolled out a new Profile Embed feature that allows users to embed a miniature version of their profile into third-party websites. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the launch of the Profile Embed feature in a video posted to Twitter.

Instagram’s Profile Embed Feature to connect users via different platform  

The Instagram chief said, “You’ve been able to embed an Instagram photo or Instagram video into a website for many years now. This extends on that idea and allows you to embed a miniature version of your Instagram profile on a website. Maybe you want to showcase your Instagram content on a website somewhere or link to someone else’s.”

When you embed your Instagram profile on a website, it will show the upper half of the profile, including the first six posts. This way, you get to offer a sneak peek or glimpse of what to expect from your Instagram profile. The content will also appear just like Instagram photos and videos, and clicking on them will direct you to the original content.

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The Reels visual replies

Adam Mosseri also talked about a new feature, “Reels visual replies,” that will let users reply to comments on posts with Reels. Whenever users reply to a comment, they’ll see a new option that allows them to select the Reels button to create a video reply; the video reply will appear as a sticker. The feature is similar to TikTok that rolled out last year.

Source: Business Insider


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