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Meta-owned photo-sharing app, Instagram has begun using a new method to verify user identity. The social media platform is now asking users to take short video selfies ‘to help prove that the account is managed by a real person. This feature has possibly been launched to decrease the number of fake or spam accounts on the platform. 


The Video Selfies Will Solely be Used to Verify User Identity


Moreover, Meta promises that it will not gather any biometric data and the video selfies feature will simply be used to verify user identity and nothing else. Identity confirmation usually occurs when a new user registers on the platform, so current users are not being asked to go through the video selfies process yet.


A Real Person and Not a Bot!


Furthermore, social media consultant, Matt Navarra first detected the video selfies verification method on Instagram. As part of the process, Instagram is reportedly asking users to record a short video of themselves while turning their heads in different directions to prove that they are, in fact, real people and verify user identity. The exact description as per the screenshots says, “We need a short video of turning your head in different directions. This helps us confirm that you’re a real person and confirm your identity”.


The Videos will be Deleted from the Servers Within 30 Days


Once the video selfies are recorded, users will be required to submit the video to Meta for verification of identity. Meta, as outlined in the screenshots, explains that this video will never be visible on Instagram and will be removed from the servers within 30 days. The firm also assures that the video selfies won’t be utilized for facial recognition.


In addition to this, Instagram is also working on bringing the ability to leave a ‘Like’ on Stories. Presently, users can only respond to Stories, which show up in their direct messages. There is no certainty on when the Like feature will be publicly available on Instagram but the developers are assumed to be working on it.


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