Skoolify, a digital services platform for educational institutions, has entered into an agreement with National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT), one of the largest payment processors in Pakistan for empowering digital payments, especially Mobile Commerce, through NIFT’s DFS platform, “NIFT ePay”, thus allowing parents to make all types of school fees/charges related payments, digitally, through the Skoolify App.

Both organizations have a strong focus on the promotion of digital transactions and the enablement of different types of use cases in the market. NIFT ePay has established an interoperable and secure digital commerce payments gateway, which works with any bank account or wallet, in Pakistan along with the capability to process card transactions. This provides an opportunity to both businesses, and individual consumers the ability to digitize their payments, either directly through their bank accounts or wallets, or going through the card route.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Haider Wahab, CEO – NIFT, and Mr. Imran Lari, CEO – Skoolify App, at the head office of National Institutional Facilitation Technologies in Karachi.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Imran Lari, said, “Skoolify App, while bringing operational automation and excellence in the management of educational establishments, enabling effective communications between parents and teachers, it is now bringing additional facilities to both parents and school administrators in the realm of easy payments, thus addressing various components of the education value-chain. We strongly believe that this partnership with NIFT will add value to our promise to the schooling community, of better and more enhanced services on the Skoolify App platform, now and in the future.”

Mr. Haider Wahab CEO NIFT said, “Skoolify App is enabling a much-needed use case in the market for the enablement of digital payment services with NIFT’s ePayment Gateway. We are very excited to enable the startups of Pakistan, due to their agility and focus to enable solutions that address market gaps. NIFT is focused to support unique and innovative ideas which will uplift digital commerce in Pakistan. We believe the young entrepreneurs working hard need institutional support from the incumbents to implement and sustain innovative platforms.”


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