HP-branded servers

In the recent news, Hackers took control of a group of HP-branded servers and utilized them to remotely mine a digital currency called raptoreum, as per reports. This resulted in the compromised group of HP-branded servers becoming the largest contributor to the total mining pool of the digital currency, enabling attackers to rake in$110,000 worth of crypto. The coins are said to have been mined between December 9 and December 17.

$110,000 Worth of Crypto Mined from HP-Branded Servers

Furthermore, a group of HP-branded servers functioning for an unknown organization was attacked by hackers that worked to take command of the hardware and repurpose it to mine $110,000 worth of crypto. The crypto selected by the hackers was called raptoreum, a crypto in the top 1,000 by market cap that benefits from an algorithm called Ghostrider, combining PoW (proof-of-work) and PoS (proof-of-stake) concurrence mechanisms.

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Moreover, the server cluster began mining raptoreum on December 9, and at the time, it delivered more hash power than all other parties united on the Raptoreum blockchain. This permitted the attackers to rake in more than $110,000 worth of crypto in the period between December 9 and December 17.

Log4shell Permits Attackers to Acquire Control of a System Remotely

The HP-branded servers vanished from the Raptoreun network on December 17, a movement that they could have been patched to destroy the threat after it was caught. The attack used a newly discovered vulnerability called Log4shell, which permits attackers to acquire control of a system remotely. Log4shell employs Log4j, which is a registry library used broadly in Apache-based systems. This exposure was found in early December, and in this case, it was used to pass the enactment of a crypto mining software.

Source: Techspot


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