As per the information received from the annual report issued by the Pakistan Telecommuni­cation Authority (PTA) for the year 2020, states that the nation’s digital economy has overserved a massive surge during the world pandemic as more people have started using the internet.

According to the Broadband subscription statistics, the growth trends were about 17pc during the Fiscal Year 2020, overpassing the 90.1 million generated in the month of Oct­ober 2020 mark. However, the 4G subscriptions recorded a rapid increase of 60pc growth (FY2020). Due to the expansion of 3G and 4G services, FY2020 also marked a surge of 77pc in data usage.

This incredible increase in the digital economy can be the cause of a huge number of new people engaging in activities on internet, as the broadband penetration increased to 42.2%. Along with monitoring the increased number of people, the PTA also mentioned the several cases of restrictions placed on websites on internet containing content such as hate speech, blasphemy content, decency and morality, and about Pakistan.

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The PTA report also informs us about the bid to stop pornography, the PTA managed to gain a list of 2,384 websites available on the internet from Interpol and took steps to permanently block them.

Another section of the PTA report states that the PTA was developing a Critical Telecom Data and Infrastructure Security Regulations (CTDISR), this protocol will assist in paving a path to enhance and improve the security of Pakistan’s telecom sector.

Moreover, this Government sector has been actively indulging itself with international social media platforms, in order to keep the content uploaded on internet in compliance with the prevalent laws and legal frameworks.

As in the previously published news, PTA had associated with the popular YouTube, TikTok, Bigo, PUBG, and dating apps to immediately block content containing “obscenity, obnoxiousness, immorality, and hate speech” for viewing in Pakistan.

Source: TechJuice


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