Bard, has undergone significant updates, introducing a range of new features that enhance its linguistic capabilities

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, revealed that the company is planning to integrate conversational artificial intelligence (AI) features into its iconic search engine. During an interview with the international news publication, he said that the latest developments in conversational AI would certainly boost the Google search engine.

Conversational AI to Supercharge Google’s Search Engine

Sundar’s announcement came when all big tech giants are rushing to incorporate AI technologies into their products and services. Recently, Microsoft has also released an updated version of the Bing search engine, which is powered by ChatGPT. Talking about the exceptional powers of conversational artificial intelligence Pichai said that people will be able to ask questions to Google and engage with LLMs in the context of search.

Pichai said that Google is experimenting with several new search products, including ones that let users ask follow-up questions to their original queries. Pichai predicted that smaller AI models would become increasingly helpful, allowing companies to design their own or enable users to run algorithms on personal devices.

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