Cloud-Enabled Workforce
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Under the proposed Pakistan Cloud-First Policy (PCFP), the Federal government will develop a cloud-enabled workforce in Public Sector departments to secure sensitive and secretive data from cyber-attacks and digital leakages.

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Cloud-enabled workforce to improve infrastructure management

Adopting a cloud-enabled workforce lets teams standardize system configurations and automate IT processes so that IT teams can focus on building and deploying strategic business solutions, cloud computing fundamentally changes how organizations use ICT in a more efficient way. The current public sector ICT infrastructure in Pakistan exists in small clusters in various public sector organizations, that only waste precious government resources. In order to address this challenge, an advisory committee is constituted to discuss the cloud-first strategy of Pakistan.

Sources told ProPakistani; “There are six pillars of the PCFP policy, which includes considering cloud as the first option for new ICT investment by Public Sector Entities, to reduce the cost of ICT spending of the government of Pakistan by paying only for the services that are utilized and to provide enhanced information security to PSE through cloud offerings.” It further added; “The other pillars under the PCFP included obtaining environmental benefits achieved by optimized use of resources and to encourage investment in cloud services by local and international cloud service providers in Pakistan.”

Nationwide cloud system adoption

As per sources,  the system would initially be implemented at the federal level later moved to the provincial governments for adoption. The government will also establish a cloud office that will be responsible for establishing a classification, accreditation, registration, and compliance framework for CSP based on international benchmarks. The office will promote a cloud culture and the adoption of cloud services across PSE. Furthermore, it will facilitate PSE and report breaches of contracts between PSE and CSP to the cloud.

Source: Pro Pakistani 


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