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According to recent reports, social media giant, Facebook is now implementing new steps to clamp down on groups of users who violate its policies. Following the new policy, the company will downrank group posts by users who have broken its rules even if they have done so elsewhere on the company’s platform. 


Facebook Will Downrank Group Posts from Users Who Have Been Violating Community Standards 


The latest rule, which allows Facebook to downrank group posts will be applicable to any group member who has had a post removed for violating one of Facebook’s Community Standards in the previous 90 days. Those who have had multiple posts removed will have “more severe” demotions other than the downrank group posts.


“This measure of downranking group posts will help reduce the ability of members who break our rules from reaching others in their communities, and builds on the existing restrictions placed upon members who violate Community Standards,” Facebook wrote in a statement. The corporation further notes that it already has policies that limit activity from people who frequently break rules within.

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Severe Penalties Will Entail Greater Demotion Strength and Duration


These recent changes, which allow Facebook to downrank group posts will go a step further because they will inflict limitations on users’ reach within groups even if they haven’t broken the rules of that specific community. A Facebook spokesperson states that these penalties will intensify “in both demotion strength and duration” as violations pile up.


Facebook Is Also Rolling Out Flagged by Facebook Feature


Moreover, Facebook has further looked to group admins and moderators to take more accountability for toxic behavior that occurs with groups. On that aspect, the company is also launching a new feature called “Flagged by Facebook.” 


The said feature will enable group admins to evaluate rule-breaking content posted in their group before it’s removed by the social media company to help group members evade receiving a “strike.” The admins can further appeal to Facebook or request them to justify why the post breaks its rules.


Source: The Verge 


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