Airlift to keep services suspended

The famous car pooling concept based ride hailing service Airlift made an important announcement via email that their services would remain suspended till 31 December 2020.

The company made the decision to keep the services suspended owing to the recent surge in the number of cases after lockdown was lifted.

“Our decision is anchored on our commitment to keep the health and safety of our customers first. Pakistan continues to record an increasing number of Covid-19 cases and the spread cannot be contained within enclosed areas such as buses and vans.” Read the statement.

The company further added that the decision whether to resume services or not will be reviewed on 1st January 2021 as per the situation.

Read the statement here.

Earlier the company had postponed the resumption of services till October as AirLift believed Coronavirus is still a threat despite the restrictions being lifted to curb the cases.

The decision has been welcomed by some customers while the others are a bit disappointed as these new ride hailing services had solved their problem related to transportation.

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