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PDF (Portable Document Format) files patently become an integral part of the sharing and storing of sensitive and personal data. You can find that as the data within PDFs grows, so does their size also comes in bulk. With this people often face difficulties while emailing, sharing, uploading, or stirring them. An online PDF compressor is the best solution to overcome this challenge as it will reduce the PDF file sizes without impacting the file’s formatting and quality, too.

In this article, we are going to list a few ways that let you explore how to compress PDF documents using different PDF file compressors. Ahead to them one by one:


SmallPDF offers a full-fledged online PDF compressor that lets you make document compression without any quality distortion. To reduce PDF size using Smallpdf, you have to follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Smallpdf website and fetch its compressed pdf online tool
  • Into the given designated box, simply drag and drop the PDF file
  • Smallpdf pdf compressor will automatically commence with the document compression process. Once done, make click on the Download button for saving the newly compressed PDF to your device

This desktop solution comes with a straoght-forward interface that makes it a perfect choice for swift PDF document compression.


The most legitimate and easy-to-navigate free source that lets you proceed with every single or bulk PDF-related task quickly. Here you can get the best online PDF compressor that allows you to reduce (shrink) pdf file sizes using different compression methods for free of cost. Even the steps are quite simple, let’s find them:

  • Ahead to on any device with modern browser and navigate to more tools
  • Then, click on the “Compress PDF” tool and upload the PDF file for which you want to reduce the PDF size
  • After adding the PDF file, click on Compress
  • Download the newly compressed or shrink PDF file with a single go

The upside about itspdf is that it always serves you with fully free conversions regardless of how frequently you’re going to make PDF file conversions with this tool. Moreover, you can get done PDF-related tasks including PDF merging, splitting, and more within a matter of seconds.


ILovePDF is one the professional choice platforms that entertain you with the best and easy-to-navigate PDF compressor online. Here you have to follow the given steps and lets this online tool by iLovePDF make the compression:

  • Access the PDF file compression tool by iLovePDF from your web-based browser
  • Upload a PDF document into this tool by navigating with the “Select PDF Files” option or even you can directly drop the selected PDF into the designated area
  • Right after uploading your file, you can find that this tool will take a matter of seconds to automatically start the compression process. After a moment, you can make click on the Download button to save the compressed PDF document

Despite that, iLovePDF is loaded with different additional features that include merge, split, edit, and different other PDF manipulation tools for free.

SodaPDF Online:

SodaPDF is a top-notch online web-based platform that lets you make conversions and editing for your existing PDF files. Its PDF file reducer makes perfect sense if you want to compress PDF document size while maintaining the original formatting.

  • Navigate to SodaPDF’s official website and access its online PDF compressor
  • Ahead to Choose File button to add your PDF file to this tool
  • After adding a PDF, hit the Compress button and you can see that this online PDF shrinker will take a brief moment to compare the compression process
  • Download the compressed PDF version into your local system storage with a single click

You can even access an array of advanced PDF manipulation options free of cost from this authorized conversion source.


PDF2Go is a simple yet effective online tool for compressing PDF files. Here’s how to utilize it:

  • Go to the official PDF2Go website and choose the compress PDF tool
  • Upload a PDF file as your preferred method offered by this online PDF file compressor
  • You will find that this pdf reducer will take less than a minute to initiate the PDF compression process. Following the PDF compression by this online PDF file size reduction, make click on the Download button to retrieve the compressed PDF

If you need to prioritize a quick PDF document compression process, then PDF2Go is the most appealing option.


Compressing PDF documents becomes a valuable skill because of the efficient sharing and storing of data. The aforementioned online PDF compressor works tremendously regarding high-quality PDF compression without any huge human intervention. PDF compression not only saves your system space but also enhances the ability to manage and share sensitive or generate information seamlessly.



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