As per the results provided by PayScale, the average income of a Full Stack Developer in Pakistan is accounted for Rs.840,000 per year. This stat highlights the significance of this field and how lucrative it is. Although, it requires immense mentorship and training to become a good full stack developer along with it even more effort to excel in this field. Jadu is here to help you become a Full Stack Developer with zero upfront cost.

Jadu provides an innovative business model of Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) which is generated based on the premise that you can get training free of cost and after that when you get your first job, you can pay back 2X post-program completion salary over the span of 6 months. For example, if you get a salary of PKR 50K per month, you will have to pay back PKR 100,000 over the span of 6 months.

The Full-Stack Developer Training program provides you with skilled mentors including Arsalan Khattak from MLH, Saad Hamid from Google DevRel, Sidra Riaz from Facebook, and Aine Fatima from Galactic Fed. The program consists of 2 main categories of Technical Skills and Soft Skills to ensure that the program graduate is capable of handling grueling industry tasks.

Every week, 3 classes of 2 hours will be conducted. 2 classes will be focused on technical skills whereas 1 class will be focused on soft skills development. All students will also interact with mentors in one-on-one sessions and can also ask in the relevant Facebook Group.

The applications for the program are open till January 22, 2021. The only apprehension that I might have would be related to how the startup ensures that the contracts are not violated at the end plus the name “Jadu” could be improved to something more relevant to what the startup is about.

Source: TechJuice

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