In the recent news, Pakistan’s Punjab Police’s official Twitter account has been tampered with cybercrime activity. The official Twitter account was hacked, as confirmed by a representative of the department on Friday. The hacker changed the Punjab Police’s account’s username to “Pʋmp” and published hundreds of tweets in a short span of time.


The spokesperson also updated everyone on Twitter regarding the incident. “Punjab Police’s official account DDPROfficial has been hacked on social media.” said the Tweet by the Punjab Police spokesperson. “Social media users and followers are requested to use Punjab Police updates till the official account is restored.”


Punjab Police Official Twitter Account Was Hacked on Friday


The cybercrime incident occurred early Friday morning, according to a Punjab Police spokeswoman. A complaint has been registered with the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime division. This hack is a second of two high-profile hacks which were registered in the time-space of two months.


Twitter Account of Pakistan’s Embassy in Serbia Also Went Rogue


In addition to this, to recall, the official Twitter account of Pakistan’s Embassy in Serbia went rogue in December 2021 and began tweeting against the incumbent government. Sources at the time stated that the hacked official Twitter account was logged into “from a Chrome desktop on a Windows device in Karachi, Pakistan at 05:59 hours local time (09:59 PST)” and the hackers posted a message at 6:59 am local time (10:59 PST).


Hackers had used the account to target PM Imran Khan, citing rising inflation and alleged non-payment of salaries for three months. The Foreign Office (FO) had said that the official Twitter account of Pakistan’s embassy in Serbia was hacked. 


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Source: GEO News 


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