Israel is set to construct a 254-kilometer fiber-optic cable connecting the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, aiming to establish a communication link between Europe, the Gulf countries, and Asia. This ambitious project will position Israel as a vital communication land bridge and is expected to strengthen economic ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and another Arab country.

Israel’s Communication Land Bridge

The fiber-optic cable, to be built by the Israel state-owned Europe Asia Pipeline Company (EAPC), will span from Ashkelon on the Mediterranean coast to Eilat on the Red Sea. EAPC’s Chief Executive, Itzik Levy, expressed that this endeavor will position Israel as a communication land bridge, providing a crucial connection between the Gulf countries, Asia, and Europe. The cable will be integrated along the route of an existing oil pipeline operated by EAPC and will interconnect with undersea cables, forming a comprehensive intercontinental network.

Israel’s Fibre Optic Cable to Strengthen Economic Ties and Technological Advancements

Israel’s collaboration with the UAE and another Arab country for this fiber optic cable project will enhance the economic ties and cooperation in the region. Although the additional Arab country involved has not been disclosed, the initiative is made possible due to the Abraham Accords, which facilitated the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE. Elad Malka, deputy director general of the Israeli Communications Ministry, emphasized the significance of these agreements, stating that they have opened doors for such collaborative projects that were previously unimaginable.

Likewise, developing fiber-optic cable infrastructure is crucial in the ongoing competition between major powers like China and the United States to control communication networks. These undersea cables are integral to international internet traffic, and ownership of such infrastructure provides economic and military advantages. This project in Israel is part of a broader global trend where countries seek to establish their dominance in the digital realm by securing control over vital communication networks.

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