The company is creating a Google Wallet interface for Google Play Services to access and manage payment, transit cards and memberships.

Google is reportedly working on bringing back Google Wallet. Mishaal Rahman, senior technical editor at Esper and former editor-in-chief of XDA Developers indicated that the company is creating a Google Wallet interface for Google Play Services to access and manage payment and transit cards, passes, and rewards and memberships.

The new Google wallet interface

Rehman shared screenshots of the new Google wallet interface, stating; “Here’s a look at what could be the new interface within Google Play Services. Seems Google Pay is still the branding for contactless payments, but the interface for all your digital cards may be branded as Wallet (back to square one, eh?)” The resurrection of Google Wallet could be a new step toward Google’s desire to make Google Pay a comprehensive digital wallet.

He further mentioned that Google’s president of commerce, Bill Ready, told that Google Pay “will focus more on being a ‘comprehensive digital wallet’ that includes digital tickets, airline passes and vaccine passports,” this redesign may be the first step towards that. Currently, all such things are managed by Google Pay for now, but the new Google interface might be used for contactless payments in the future.

The transition

Google Wallet was once used by the company for contactless payments, but it was merged with Android pay and later incorporated into a redesigned UI called Google Pay. Google Wallet was redesigned to Google Pay to compete with rivals such as; Apple Pay Cash, PayPal and Venmo, by letting customers send and request money in a slew of different currencies.

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