The Google's gaming growth lab will support the emerging local developers in the country.

Google has launched its first Gaming Growth Lab in Pakistan as part of an initiative to help accelerate the digital gaming industry in Pakistan. The lab will support the emerging local developers in the country.

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The program will support emerging mobile-gaming enterprise

The five-week digital programme will assist rising mobile-gaming enterprises to increase their choices and develop their companies. Through the Gaming Growth Lab, Google will offer access to their products and platforms, like; Cloud, Ads, AdMob and Play, as well as provide mentoring sessions and workshops to help nurture and grow these enterprises. The programme will be delivered in both English and Urdu, starting from 1st March.

Speaking about the initiative, Google’s Regional Director, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, Farhan Qureshi said; “We see a huge opportunity today to support emerging local developers and help them expand their offerings to an international audience.” The interested organisations and candidates can start applying for Google’s gaming growth Lab, the last date of applications submission is February 11th.

Four initiatives of gaming growth Lab

The Gaming Growth Lab program is built on 4 core pillars:

  1. DREAM: Insights on the gaming ecosystem and global growth opportunities.
  2. DEVELOP Access to Google’s cloud solutions and technology to build user-friendly apps.
  3. DRIVE: Education on growth and monetization models, including user acquisition strategies.
  4. DATA: Knowledge of data and measurement through tools like Google Ads and Firebase to help companies achieve data-driven growth.

The gaming industry of Pakistan has a global worth of roughly $200 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.64 per cent. The gaming industry is entirely overlooked in Pakistan, having a very minuscule share. Whereas, the tech exports have crossed $2bn. Pakistan is ranked 29 out of 150 countries for e-sport earnings, with 278 local players earning a combined total of $4.78m.

Source: Geo News


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