IBCC Launched Digital Equivalence Certificate Verification Service for the ease of students and businesses.

Minister of Federal Education, Shafqat Mahmood, launched the Digital Equivalence Certificate Verification Service introduced by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) to save time and cost.

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The Digital Equivalence Certificate Verification Service

The Digital Equivalence Certificate Verification Service is a real-time verification through which organisations could quickly verify data on their mobile or computer and receive a verification email for their official record. The service will enhance accessibility, reduce the cost and time, and other hurdles organisations face within or outside the country. Speaking at the launching ceremony, Shafqat said that all the organisations working under the umbrella of the education ministry are digitalising their processes for transparency and facilitating the public.

The Minister appreciated IBCC for facilitating the public by using the latest technology. Speaking on occasion, Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah said that the IBCC integrated security feature in certificate through encrypted QR code. The organisations, institutions or universities do not need to send documents to IBCC for verification. The verification is now just a click away as they can verify it by scanning QR codes from anywhere around the world.

IBCC e-portal for equivalence certificates

Shafqat Mahmood announced that the education ministry, in consultation with local and international stakeholders, has developed an e-portal for the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) to let students receive equivalence certificates at their doorstep after completing simple formalities.

The minister said everything from the submission of payment challan to documents had now been digitalised, and students could track their application status. He said that once the online application had been completed, students would receive a certificate at their address. In the future, these certificates will also be given to students in PDF format.

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