In the times of most latest victory of PTI, #BoycottCareem started trending in Pakistan on Twitter, after the ride-hailing service posted a controversial tweet from Careem’s official Twitter handle after the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s decision to remove Hamza Shehbaz from the Punjab CM seat. Moreover, Careem has been known for capitalizing the viral social trends to their advantage and they did it again after the Supreme Court’s ruling in the favor of PTI’s Pervaiz Elahi. 


Careem’s Marketing Tactic Backfired into #BoycottCareem on Twitter


However, this time their marketing tactic backfired, garnering negative reviews from its customers. The Harmless-looking political slogans which they introduced to be more relevant to their user base, divided their users for their respective parties. Several of the netizens didn’t like the tweet from Careem and asked their followers and friends to remove Careem’s app and posted #boycottcareem on their social posts including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


One of the users on Twitter, accused the ride hailing service, Careem to be a political wing of PTI.


Another one quoted to uninstall the Careem Super app and posted negative comments on the said tweet.


However, some of the Twitter users supported the tweet posted by Careem and shared their opinion positively. 


Another Twitterati expressed his opinion by writing that Careem took the advantage of the current situation and made a marketing effort.


Pakistani Celebrities are Also Rejoicing the Verdict of Pervaiz Elahi Becoming CM Punjab


Furthermore, Pakistani celebrities are also celebrating the verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to declare Pervaiz Elahi as chief minister of Punjab after invalidating the ruling of Punjab Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari in the run-off election for the slot.


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