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Last year, tech giant, Apple launched a new App Store Connect experience with some beneficial modifications for developers, including the chance to submit in-app events and edit items without having to create a new version of the app. While this update was optional, the company is now informing developers that it will be launched to everyone later this month.

Apple to Activate the App Store Connect Experience for All on January 25, 2022 

Moreover, Apple has confirmed via the Apple Developer website that all developer accounts will be automatically upgraded with the new App Store Connect experience on January 25, 2022. Right now, if you want to try out the new experience, you need to manually opt-in.

In a statement, Apple stated, “Last year, we introduced an updated way to submit apps, in-app events, custom product pages, and product page optimization tests for review in App Store Connect experience. Starting January 25, 2022, the submission experience will be automatically updated for all App Store Connect accounts.”

Furthermore, for those unfamiliar, the new Apple is the platform where developers can submit their iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS apps to the App Store. The company is making it easier for developers to update their app details without having to construct and submit a new version of the app – which is presently needed.

Developers Can Perform Multiple Task Without Submitting New App Version

Users can check out everything that changes with the new experience below:

  • Include multiple items in one submission.
  • Propose in-app events, custom product pages, and product page optimization tests without requiring a new app version.
  • Handle your submissions and communicate with App Review on the new, persistent App Review page.
  • Edit items in your submission.
  • Remove items with issues from your submission and continue with items that were accepted by App Review.
  • View a history of submissions created using the updated experience, including messages from App Review.

If you don’t want to wait, the new Apple experience can still be employed manually for each developer account. More details can be found on Apple’s website.

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